Primary Colors Water Walk Experiment

Primary Colors Water Walk Experiment

Primary Colors Walking Water Race is a game we created while doing this experiment. Sounds exciting? The game was created from this experiment. 

My toddler sat at the table for 30 mintues waiting on the water to "walk" up the paper towels. Crazy right? I was able to read a few emails, and respond to a few Instagram comments. Can you imagaine the small tasks you can scratch off your to do list with this experiment? 

Let's get started so you can take a break.

6 Cups or glass jars (preferably clear)
Water (about 1/2 cup)
Paper towels (about 6)
Food coloring (primary colors only)


1. Place the cups side by side in a line. Fill the first cup with water and five drops of red food coloring.  Leave the second cup empty.  
2. Fill the third cup with water and five yellow food coloring. 
3. Fill the fifth cup with water and five blue food coloring.
4. Cut a paper towel in half and fold it lengthwise (hot dog style) two times. Place one end in the first cup and the other end in  the cup next to it. And continue the process until all of the cups have paper towels. 
5. Now, lets watch the colors travel up the paper towel! The colors will eventually mix. 

Learning Momnets:

💡A new term for the kids to learn is capillary action. . Capillary action is the ability of a liquid to flow upward, against gravity, in narrow space. So, when doing the experiment, you could say, " the water is moving (or traveling) upward. This is called capillary action. Capillary action is when the water moves up something against gravity. " This is the same way water travels from the root of a plant up the flower petals and leaves. 

💡This is one of the best activities to use to learn primary colors and mixing.  

💡Learn a new term and concept, hypothesis or educated guess. Like we did, you can turn it into a game. We did the color racing game. We each guessed which color would travel the fastest. 

And that's it for now. IF you are just starting out with activities for the kids, then check out this post on how I can help.